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Amazing live object tracking in a video stream – Predator / TLD (Tracking, Learning and Detection)

The TLD system is open source and quite amazing, check it out

Flash player now working on the Orange San Francisco / ZTE Blade phone! :)

I just read a post on modaco, that links to the xda-developers forum that has a link to a working version of the Adobe Flash player that is compatible with the Orange San Francisco / ZTE Blade phone. It works on youtube and even the BBC Iplayer, fantastic!!! :) Im using the Ginger Stir Fry […]

Will there be a version of FB Purity for Android or Iphone?

People keep asking me will there be a version of Fluff Busting Purity for Android phones or Iphones? I’m sorry to say that the answer is currently no. Phone application development is a lot different to writing a browser extension, and a lot more work, so unfortunately, at present i do not have plans to […]

Amazing new music creation tool – Reactable – A Futuristic DJ Mixing Desk

The Reactable is an amazing piece of technology, letting you create music with physical building blocks on a light table. A basic demo of the functions of the Reactable More info at

Permanently remove recent activity from being displayed on your Facebook profile

While F.B. (Fluff Busting) Purity, the facebook cleaning browser extension has long had a way to mass delete the pesky recent activity stories from showing on your facebook profile, facebook have now seen the light and decided to give us, the users, the option to choose whether they want their recent activity displayed to everyone, […]

Xmas Web Puzzle – Can you figure out how it was done? – Difficulty Level – Medium/Easy

Heres a quick christmas web puzzle for you: The following web page features a snowman, the snowman is a single unicode character, try and view the source code of the page though, and figure out how the snowman is being displayed. snowman xmas web puzzle (please note this might not display anything in the current […]

Töken – Amazing touchscreen DJ decks – The future of DJ-ing and Electronic Music Performance

This experimental device is amazing! It sure looks to me like the future of DJ-ing and electronic music performance to me. I can bet there are millions of DJs that would kill to get one of these, but unfortunately they are not commercially available yet. As this is just an apparently working prototype, built by […]

Interesting uses of New Technology – HCI – User Interfaces – UI

Thought i would share some videos of some cool new uses of technology i found recently: Amazing Webcam Piano, using just a normal webcam and some clever software. Just goes to show you dont need a kinect to do cool stuff!: 3D Video Capture using Microsoft Kinect. This is really cool: Cool music and a […]

New extension for Safari 5 called NinjaKit lets you install GM scripts

I just found some great news for Safari 5 users. Theres a new extension called NinjaKit by a Japanese programmer 0xFF that lets you install greasemonkey scripts. Its a much simpler process to install than Greasekit, whereas greasekit required you to also install SIMBL, this extension is self contained and PC + Mac compatible, just […]

Facebook’s new layout, means the fbpurity script is broken, try the alpha test fbpurity script

ive been working on an alpha test version of the fbpurity script for the new facebook layout here: its not completely finished, as at present im still on the old layout, and was just testing it against some static html files, it might work and it might not, i dont have time to finish […]