Permanently remove recent activity from being displayed on your Facebook profile

While F.B. (Fluff Busting) Purity, the facebook cleaning browser extension has long had a way to mass delete the pesky recent activity stories from showing on your facebook profile, facebook have now seen the light and decided to give us, the users, the option to choose whether they want their recent activity displayed to everyone, or not, so you will no longer need to keep deleting it with F.B. Purity.

Heres the procedure to permanently stop your recent activity getting posted to your profile.

1) Find a recent activity story on your profile
2) Click the “x” button to the right of the story as shown in the pic below
3) Select the “hide all ******* activity” option (******* will be substituted with whatever type of recent activity it is, “comments” for example)

Permanently hide all recent activity stories from your profile

Thats it! its as easy as 1,2,3! :)

The procedure will need to be followed for each different type of Recent Activity story that gets displayed on your profile, but I dont think there are that many different story types, so it shouldnt take too long to cover all of them. Its probably best to keep checking your profile page for a while, for any new story types that get posted, just to be sure.

If at some point you change your mind and decide that you do want to show recent activity stories on your profile, simply click the “edit options” button at the bottom right of your profile page as shown in the pic:

Edit Options link at the bottom of your facebook profile page

(N.B you may need to scroll your profile page down a bit until facebook’s auto page loading stops)
and you will be given the list of story types that you have chosen to stop being posted, each one will have a little “x” button to the right of it, just click the “x” on the story types that you do want to see on your profile again. Then click the save button.

Edit your facebook profile story settings

Of course, it doesnt mean you will no longer be needing the still useful F.B. Purity browser extension, as it has lots more handy features for hiding many of facebook’s other annoying aspects :)

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