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Facebook are trying to ban the F.B. Purity browser extension and its developer from Facebook

Facebook are trying to ban the F.B. Purity web browser extension ( a cool tool for cleaning up and customizing the Facebook experience ) and also its developer from Facebook. Full story here:

How to hide / remove Trending Articles and Trending Videos box from Facebook

Lots of people have been wondering how to get rid of or remove the Trending Articles and Trending Videos boxes on their Facebook newsfeeds. Well wonder no longer, as theres actually a simple fix for this. You just need to install the FB Purity browser extension, then open the options screen, by clicking the FB […]

FB (Fluff Busting) Purity v7.5.0 – Adds option for Single Column Timeline Layout + More security and Privacy features

FB Purity Update : v7.5.0 New in this version of the FB Purity browser extension (for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera)is a Single Column layout for Timeline option. As well as forcing Timeline pages to a single column, it also shortens the Cover image, and hides the horizontal “Friends”, “About”, and “Interests” Sections  so it […]

How to disable / remove Facebook Timeline the easy way – with FB Purity

This video shows how easy it is to disable Facebook Timeline with FB Purity in Google chrome: There are also simple solutions for disabling / removing Timeline in Firefox, Safari and Opera here

Please help my research into what people hate most about Facebook

Please take my survey on what people hate most about facebook, as it will help me improve my F.B. Purity browser extension. F.B Purity is a browser extension that fixes a lot of the things that people hate about Facebook, and also lets you clean it up and customise it. You can get FB Purity […]

Facebook disabled my account and also the FB Purity Fan page, that had over 36,000 fans

Yesterday Facebook disabled my personal account and also the F.B. Purity fan page, without any warning or explanation. Not only have I been cut off from all my friends and family on Facebook, ive also had all my online memories erased and all Facebook messages and photos, and on top of that they have cut […]

How to disable the Facebook Timeline and re-enable old Facebook Profiles

I figured out how to disable / delete / hide the Facebook Timeline! Many thought it wasnt possible, but here i will show you how its done, banish Timeline to the pits of hell (till they remove the loophole that is hehe) Get the full instructions on how to disable Facebook Timeline  

F.B. Purity v6.1.1 Released : Fixes various filters + other nice tweaks to make your facebook clean

I’ve updated FB Purity to v6.1.1 to fix various issues it was having. Heres the change log: FB Purity is a free web browser extension that lets you clean the junk from your facebook homepage and newsfeeds. Its available for Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari (and is now also compatible with Seamonkey and IceApe) Changes […]

FB Purity v6.0.0 Released : FireFox extension is now restartless – Adds “read article” filter + more fixes and tweaks

Heres a list of changes in the latest version of FB Purity (v6.0.0) The Firefox extension version is now restartless, which means you do not have to restart your browser each time you uninstall or reinstall the extension. (Please note that you need to first uninstall the old version of the firefox extension and restart […]

FB Purity v5.2.0 – Fixed for Facebooks new newsfeed and ticker + some other tweaks and fixes

Ive updated FB (Fluff Busting) Purity to v5.2.0 so it now works with the new Facebook newsfeed, that they have started rolling out to everyone today. FB Purity is browser addon, that lets you clean up the spam, ads and other annoying stuff from your Facebook newsfeed. Its compatible with Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and […]