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F.B Purity Rated Number 2 in Lifehacker’s Top 10 Facebook Usability and Privacy Fixes

I was really pleased to see that F.B Purity was rated number 2 in Lifehackers Top 10 Facebook Usability and Privacy Fixes article :) Well as there dont seem to be any other scripts / extensions in their top 10, technically i guess Fluff Busting Purity is their number 1 Facebook script / extension :)

F.B Purity (Fluff Busting) now available as a Safari Extension – It Cleans up your Facebook homepage

I’ve created a Safari Extension out of F.B Purity, the Facebook Homepage cleaning script, which is now compatible with Safari 5. N.B if you have the script version installed via GreaseKit or NinjaKit, you should disable or uninstall it before installing the new extension version of FBP otherwise you might get strange results in your […]

F.B Purity lets you hide Facebook Places messages (Checked in to location)

I just released v3.3 of F.B Purity, the browser extension / GM script for Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera, that cleans up your Facebook homepage. New in this release: a new hideable extra that allows you to hide updates from the new Facebook Places feature, i think this is currently only available in the […]

geotagging flickr with google earth script updated for new photo page

I’ve updated my geotagging flickr with google earth greasemonkey script, so it works on the new photo page. it now adds a “Add to map via G.E.” link just below the “This photo was taken on” text. It also adds a “Add to map via Google Earth” link to the “Location” menu in the Flickr […]

Flickr Greasemonkey Scripts Update – Flickr PM + Multi Group Sender

I’ve updated my flickrpm gm script so it now shows up on all pages of comments for a photo and also to fix a bug in the mail sending function on photo pages, I’ve updated my flickr multi group sender to add a function that lets you see the full list of groups which are […]

I was shocked to find Offering my Script Fluff Busting Purity for Sale and Download Without my Permission

Thanks to yahoo site explorer i found out that a website offering software downloads is illegally hosting my FB Purity greasemonkey script and also even more shockingly, charging people to be able to download it!!! outrageous! what a dodgy company! I have contacted them to get it removed, but have had no response so […]