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Facebook Purity V2.0 – Updated – Runs Even Better Than Before!

Announcing the release of v2.0 of the facebook purity script.

Become a fan of “Facebook Purity” on Facebook

I created a fan page for “facebook purity”, please join, for up to the minute news on releases and the very latest info, cheers. You can become a fan just by clicking the “Become a fan”  button below, or you can visit the Facebook Purity fan page here: The Facebook Purity Page on Facebook The annoying […]

New release of Facebook Purity now blocks friend / event / group and fan messages

I released a new version of my Facebook Purity greasemonkey script today (28th October 2009). It now has a new filter that blocks messages telling you “x became friends with y”, “x is attending an event”, “x joined a group” and “x became a fan of y” it only hides them,  you can easily click […]

Facebook Purity Update – fixed some bugs

new release of the facebook purity greasemonkey script, for cleaning up your facebook homepage: 1.8e  26th Oct   2009  script now hides certain apps that were getting past the filter, and should also now be restricted to running on the homepage, also the blocked app message counter should work better now. get it here: P.S […]

Facebook Purity Script Updated for New version of Facebook

I’ve updated the facebook purity script to work with the latest code change at facebook, you can get the updated version here: N.B the script seems to be working fine now, but FB seem to be caching old data, as after blocking applications using the new “block app”  function, the apps come back again […]

Facebook Purity Update – Added Block Application Functionality

Previously the Facebook Purity  script would just hide the 3rd party application messages from your facebook homepage. Since reading that applications added by your friends can  access your personal information even if you havent installed the app I decided to step up the protection FB Purity provides, it now adds a “Block App” link next […]

Minor updates to FlickrPM + Flickr Warn and Delete Greasemonkey Scripts

Ive made a couple of minor updates to a couple of my Flickr Greasemonkey scripts. FlickrPM –  have added a relationship link (“RE”)  that lets you check/change your relationship with the specified user. Also renamed the links for consistency. So we now have RE – relationship, DN – Flickr DNA, IN -Interestingness (by Darckr), SC […]

Facebook Purity – Minor Update – Optimised the Script

Ive updated the facebook purity script again, just a minor update. Ive optimised the script a bit, so it should run more efficiently and also added a few more applications to the whitelist  ( tumblr, tweetdeck, digsby and networked blogs) have also removed livingsocial from the whitelist. N.B If you have edited the whitelist in […]