New release of Facebook Purity now blocks friend / event / group and fan messages

Facebook Purity v1.9

I released a new version of my Facebook Purity greasemonkey script today (28th October 2009). It now has a new filter that blocks messages telling you “x became friends with y”, “x is attending an event”, “x joined a group” and “x became a fan of y” it only hides them,  you can easily click the “extras x [ Show ]” link to see them if you want to. It just means there is less clutter and you can check out the more important messages like status updates, photos, links and notes first, before checking out other things like who became friends with who etc, if you are even interested in that stuff at all. I have left relationship messages out of the filter, as i think they dont crop up very often, and when they do appear they are quite interesting.

Get the latest version of the script here:

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Ive also created a fan page for “facebook purity” on facebook itself, please join up, for the latest news on releases and info, cheers.

face-book-purity on Facebook

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