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Amazing new music creation tool – Reactable – A Futuristic DJ Mixing Desk

The Reactable is an amazing piece of technology, letting you create music with physical building blocks on a light table. A basic demo of the functions of the Reactable More info at

Töken – Amazing touchscreen DJ decks – The future of DJ-ing and Electronic Music Performance

This experimental device is amazing! It sure looks to me like the future of DJ-ing and electronic music performance to me. I can bet there are millions of DJs that would kill to get one of these, but unfortunately they are not commercially available yet. As this is just an apparently working prototype, built by […]

Daft Punk Tron Legacy – Cosby Show Video mashup, very cool!

Arc Attack + Felix’s Machines – 2 Cool Music Videos featuring innovative uses of technology

2 cool music videos ArcAttack playing the doctor who theme tune. Electric performance as a guy dressed in a fararday cage suit dances whilst being struck by artificial lightning! Felix’s Machines, wonderful music all performed by custom made machines

Hilarious redub of the Rolling Stones – Start Me Up

StSanders has created a masterpiece, a hilarious redub of The Rolling Stones video, Start Me Up. He’s also renamed it “Passing Stones – **** Me Up” Watch the video here