Facebook disabled my account and also the FB Purity Fan page, that had over 36,000 fans

FB Purity

Yesterday Facebook disabled my personal account and also the F.B. Purity fan page, without any warning or explanation.

Not only have I been cut off from all my friends and family on Facebook, ive also had all my online memories erased and all Facebook messages and photos, and on top of that they have cut off all 36,000 fans from getting support and the latest information about F.B. Purity by disabling the F.B. Purity Fan Page too.

Any emails to Facebook get an automated response basically saying they wont re-enable the account and they wont discuss the reasons for disabling it.

Pretty sh*t all round, and it means the future of FB Purity hangs in the balance. I originally developed FB Purity for myself to fix the annoying things i found with Facebook, but it grew much larger than just my own personal project, and it now has over 40,000 users around the world.

Now that I don’t even have a Facebook account, it seems like theres not much p0int continuing with it, though i expect thats probably the outcome Facebook were hoping for by disabling my account as they dont like users having control over what they see in their newsfeed or being able to customise their Facebook experience.

I have set up a new F.B. Purity Fan Page on Google Plus which you can access via the following redirect URL : fans.fbpurity.com

Please help spread the news, if you have a blog or know anyone in any news organisations etc please pass the story on.

Ive posted the story to Reddit. If you have an account on there, please vote the story up to help publicise the issue.

If you know anyone at Facebook who could help get my account re-enabled, or if you have any other ideas as to what course of action i should take, please do get in touch via the F.B. Purity Contact Form


Steve (The creator of F.B. Purity)


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