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Oh great and wise Google, what have I done to offend thee?

Ive been wondering for a while now, why this site ( ) is no longer appearing in Google search results. In fact it apparently hasnt been in there since December 2007! I know this because I signed up to the Google WebMaster tools site. And they can tell you when your site was last […]

Experiment: Purchase a copy of my GreaseMonkey Script: Flickr : Group Pool Admin – Warn and Delete via new payment gateway: TrialPay

Ive recently signed up for an account with TrialPay which is a new way to pay for things on the internet. A lot of online companies have started using their payment system for their products. I blogged about them recently here As an experiment I have uploaded one of my scripts, Flickr Group Pool Admin […]

More Updated GM Scripts – Flickr Multi Group Sender and Flickr Inline forum editor

I updated another couple of my greasemonkey scripts. This time its Flickr Multi Group Sender and Flickr Inline Forum Post Editor. Ive made them both compatible with the “internationalised” versions of the site. Ive also added a couple of features to the multi group sender. Ive added a little group counter, that counts how many […]

Concrete Baby – An Eerie Sculpture Outside St Martin in the Fields Church

Concrete Baby Originally uploaded by steeev A photo of a concrete baby – An Eerie Sculpture Outside St Martin in the Fields Church. It appears to be chiseled out of the rock, the funny thing is you just see a big square slab of rock from the other side, its only when you go behind […]

GreaseMonkey Script Updates: Warn + Delete + Flickr PM

I finally got round to updating my Flickr Group Pool Admin : Warn + Delete greasemonkey script, so it works with the latest version of GM and also the latest Firefox. Ive also updated my FlickrPM script, to include a link to the nifty Flickr Leech, and fixed some minor display bugs. You can get […]

Call Recorder Pro – for Series 60 – Symbian – Nokia Phones – Lets you record voice calls easily

Since my recent run in with dodgy customer services at Three UK, ive decided in future dealings with such people, im going to record the calls. Ive found the built in nokia voice recorder app on my nokia 6680, which you can access via the “office” icon on the phone “desktop” only seems to record […]

Three UK – A Phone Network – That Cant Be Trusted

A cautionary tale involving a multinational corporation. It seems customer loyalty and honesty is something that the Three UK phone network dont seem to care about. I’ve been with 3 for 3 years and as my contract was due for renewal, i decided to see what offers were available to get me to stay with […]