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Facebook disabled my account and also the FB Purity Fan page, that had over 36,000 fans

Yesterday Facebook disabled my personal account and also the F.B. Purity fan page, without any warning or explanation. Not only have I been cut off from all my friends and family on Facebook, ive also had all my online memories erased and all Facebook messages and photos, and on top of that they have cut […]

Xmas Web Puzzle – Can you figure out how it was done? – Difficulty Level – Medium/Easy

Heres a quick christmas web puzzle for you: The following web page features a snowman, the snowman is a single unicode character, try and view the source code of the page though, and figure out how the snowman is being displayed. snowman xmas web puzzle (please note this might not display anything in the current […]

Resurrected, I’ve fixed Ebay Negs! the Firefox Extension

I’ve finally got round to fixing up my Ebay Negs! Firefox Extension to work with the latest versions of Firefox (3+) it even works with the FF4 betas. For those who don’t know, Ebay Negs! is an extension that lets you easily check all an Ebay users Negative and Neutral feedback. It works by interfacing […]

I was shocked to find Offering my Script Fluff Busting Purity for Sale and Download Without my Permission

Thanks to yahoo site explorer i found out that a website offering software downloads is illegally hosting my FB Purity greasemonkey script and also even more shockingly, charging people to be able to download it!!! outrageous! what a dodgy company! I have contacted them to get it removed, but have had no response so […]

Hilarious redub of the Rolling Stones – Start Me Up

StSanders has created a masterpiece, a hilarious redub of The Rolling Stones video, Start Me Up. He’s also renamed it “Passing Stones – **** Me Up” Watch the video here

How to Get Google Chrome working in Windows 2000

Well Google Chrome came out of beta today,  this is great news. Though as most win 2000 users will know by now, google chrome doesnt work on your operating system. But a clever Japanese guy known as BlackWingCat has created an installer program that lets you install it to your system relatively easily. Unfortunately the […]

Oh great and wise Google, what have I done to offend thee?

Ive been wondering for a while now, why this site ( ) is no longer appearing in Google search results. In fact it apparently hasnt been in there since December 2007! I know this because I signed up to the Google WebMaster tools site. And they can tell you when your site was last […]