Resurrected, I’ve fixed Ebay Negs! the Firefox Extension

I’ve finally got round to fixing up my Ebay Negs! Firefox Extension to work with the latest versions of Firefox (3+) it even works with the FF4 betas.

For those who don’t know, Ebay Negs! is an extension that lets you easily check all an Ebay users Negative and Neutral feedback. It works by interfacing between the Ebay site and the site, which somehow magically grabs all a users negative and neutral feedback and displays it all in one block. The reason this is really useful is because on the Ebay site itself they only show the most recent negative and neutral feedback, if it happened longer than 6months or a year ago, you cant easily see the feedback.

Screenshots (click to enlarge):

You can get the updated version of the extension here: Ebay Negs! firefox extension, lets you easily check an eBay user’s negative feedback.

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