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FB Purity v4.0.0 Released – Fixed the bug with app/s extra/s filtering

Ive released FB Purity v4.0.0, the new version fixes the bug with the hide/show apps/extras filters. Also a few other tweaks, full release notes at the FB Purity News page

Xmas Web Puzzle – Can you figure out how it was done? – Difficulty Level – Medium/Easy

Heres a quick christmas web puzzle for you: The following web page features a snowman, the snowman is a single unicode character, try and view the source code of the page though, and figure out how the snowman is being displayed. snowman xmas web puzzle (please note this might not display anything in the current […]

F.B. Purity v3.9.6 – New – Customise Facebook CSS

I released a new version of FB Purity (v3.9.6) – the browser add-on / extension for Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera that cleans up and de-clutters your facebook homepage news feeds. This version fixes a couple of small bugs (the hide suggestion box option, and also a bug with blocking applications from the “started using […]

Töken – Amazing touchscreen DJ decks – The future of DJ-ing and Electronic Music Performance

This experimental device is amazing! It sure looks to me like the future of DJ-ing and electronic music performance to me. I can bet there are millions of DJs that would kill to get one of these, but unfortunately they are not commercially available yet. As this is just an apparently working prototype, built by […]

F.B. Purity Script Update: v3.9.5 – Can now hide “now using new profile” stories

I’ve updated F.B. Purity, the Facebook Homepage cleaner / declutterer browser extension for Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera to v3.9.5. New in this version is an option to hide the “now using new profile” type stories, which is taken care of by the “updated profile” filter, also added a new story type to the “updated […]

5 Important Facebook Privacy Issues You Really Need to Know About

Important Facebook Privacy Issues, you should know about. When a facebook friend of yours adds a facebook application, that application gets to view nearly all the private facebook info of yours that your friend can see. This is quite disturbing… as it means the application’s developers can also access your info, without you even knowing […]