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I was shocked to find Offering my Script Fluff Busting Purity for Sale and Download Without my Permission

Thanks to yahoo site explorer i found out that a website offering software downloads is illegally hosting my FB Purity greasemonkey script and also even more shockingly, charging people to be able to download it!!! outrageous! what a dodgy company! I have contacted them to get it removed, but have had no response so […]

Dead Pigeon – Roadkill

Dead Pigeon – Roadkill Originally uploaded by steeev I saw this dead pigeon in the road, whilst i was on my way to Salzburg’s House of Nature museum. It reminded me a bit of the Austrian flag.

Concrete Baby – An Eerie Sculpture Outside St Martin in the Fields Church

Concrete Baby Originally uploaded by steeev A photo of a concrete baby – An Eerie Sculpture Outside St Martin in the Fields Church. It appears to be chiseled out of the rock, the funny thing is you just see a big square slab of rock from the other side, its only when you go behind […]

Three UK – A Phone Network – That Cant Be Trusted

A cautionary tale involving a multinational corporation. It seems customer loyalty and honesty is something that the Three UK phone network dont seem to care about. I’ve been with 3 for 3 years and as my contract was due for renewal, i decided to see what offers were available to get me to stay with […]

A little bit of fame

Just discovered i was mentioned in the Flickr Hacks Book, by Jbum. Found this out by doing a search for “steeev” on the google book search page ( That page isnt available for preview though the text extract displayed in the search results says “this is the idea behind the Flickr Visual Dictionary, a […]