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Hilarious redub of the Rolling Stones – Start Me Up

StSanders has created a masterpiece, a hilarious redub of The Rolling Stones video, Start Me Up. He’s also renamed it “Passing Stones – **** Me Up” Watch the video here

Stopping the comment spam on a WordPress blog

I cleaned out all the spam that was in this blogs moderation queue, and decided to do something about preventing it.  Since my host has disabled outgoing net connections, my akismet spam protection plugin has stopped working, so the spam queue filled up a lot. I decided to try and find a new spam prevention […]

Nokia Internet Radio Application for the N95 – direct link

I just read about the Nokia Internet Radio application for the N95 and thought it sounded interesting, so decided to try and download it. First of all i tried visiting the nokia download page on my N95, but the download link was nowhere to be seen, the instructions on the page say you need to […]

Call Recorder Pro – for Series 60 – Symbian – Nokia Phones – Lets you record voice calls easily

Since my recent run in with dodgy customer services at Three UK, ive decided in future dealings with such people, im going to record the calls. Ive found the built in nokia voice recorder app on my nokia 6680, which you can access via the “office” icon on the phone “desktop” only seems to record […]