Nokia Internet Radio Application for the N95 – direct link

I just read about the Nokia Internet Radio application for the N95 and thought it sounded interesting, so decided to try and download it. First of all i tried visiting the nokia download page on my N95, but the download link was nowhere to be seen, the instructions on the page say you need to use Nokia PC suite to download the app, not very useful when you are browsing on your phone. In fact its pretty crazy that Nokia of all companies doesnt seem to have a Mobile version of its site.

Anyway i then tried visiting the page in my PC’s web browser – Firefox 3, and crazily enough, i couldnt see the download link there either! Insania! I did notice that there was a hidden flash file on the page, this is because i use the excellent FlashBlock add on which blocks all flash content on pages, and lets you choose which flash files to load. Anyway I guessed they must be hiding the download link in the flash file, so enabled the flash file to load, but still no sign of any link. I then decided to try disabling FlashBlock for the nokia site, then reloaded the page. This actually worked, I was then presented with a small applet that allows you to choose which phone you are using, so you can select the appropriate file to install. Hmmm a lot of rigmarole, just to find a simple download. Anyway to save others the hassle, heres a direct link: to the N95 version of Nokia Internet Radio and also a Barcode version of the link, in case you want to try out the N95 barcode reader and save yourself some typing :)

Nokia Internet Radio N95

The application itself is really good, best used over a wifi link though  :)

It basically lets you listen to streaming internet radio on your phone. They have a large direc tory of stations, but you can add specific stations if you know the stream URL

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