Linkoder (QRCode) – Cool Greasemonkey Script adds Barcodes for each link on a web page

I just found a cool greasemonkey script on by a person called Vorn. The script is called Linkoder (QRCode) – it can basically add Barcodes for each link on any web page. Its really useful for mobile phone users, with barcode reader applications on their phones, such as the N95 which comes with a barcode reader app as standard, as it saves them typing in long URLs, instead they can just scan the barcode on their PC screen, and then browse directly to the link with their phones web browser.
you can get the script here:

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One Response to “Linkoder (QRCode) – Cool Greasemonkey Script adds Barcodes for each link on a web page”

  1. Hi Steve,

    did you do, or inspire, a thing for toolhaus, i think it’ a “bookmarklet”; you right click the link, click on “bookmark this link” which creates a bookmark in firefox for Toolhaus, and then you can highlight someone’s id, click on the bookmark, and it opens that id’s Negs page on toolhaus? I’d like something that, except it would open that id’s record on my soon-to-open website. I haven’t settled on the program or programming language, but I’d sure like it to be able to do this little trick.