New Greasemonkey script – Export your Picasaweb photos to Flickr

I wrote a new Greasemonkey script that lets you import your photos from your account on the picasaweb website to your Flickr account.

In order to run the script, you need to be usin gthe Firefox web browser, which you can get from here:

You also need to have the Greasemonkey extension installed, which you can get here:

Once you have those 2, you can install the script simply by clicking here

The script functions on 2 types of pages on the picasweb site, on album pages and also on the organize album pages. On normal picasaweb album pages, a link will appear above the list of thumbnails called “Export 2  Flickr” and it will have the blue and pink flickr dots beside it. Clicking the link will export the whole album to flickr one image at a time.

On the organize page of the album, the Export 2 Flickr link also appears above the list of thumbnails, but on this page you can select exactly which images you wish to upload by clicking and selecting the thumbnails of the images you wish to import into Flickr.

The script just imports the photos, it doesnt copy the image titles or descriptions, and also doesnt create new sets for each album. For the image title it just uses the filename of the image on picasaweb, eg if the image on picasaweb is called 100124.jpg on flickr it will be titled “1000124”. The description gets set as the full URL to the image on picasaweb. These 2 things are not done by the script itself, they are actually done by flickrs upload system.

All my other flickr greasemonkey scripts are available here:

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