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Amazing new music creation tool – Reactable – A Futuristic DJ Mixing Desk

The Reactable is an amazing piece of technology, letting you create music with physical building blocks on a light table. A basic demo of the functions of the Reactable More info at

Xmas Web Puzzle – Can you figure out how it was done? – Difficulty Level – Medium/Easy

Heres a quick christmas web puzzle for you: The following web page features a snowman, the snowman is a single unicode character, try and view the source code of the page though, and figure out how the snowman is being displayed. snowman xmas web puzzle (please note this might not display anything in the current […]

Interesting uses of New Technology – HCI – User Interfaces – UI

Thought i would share some videos of some cool new uses of technology i found recently: Amazing Webcam Piano, using just a normal webcam and some clever software. Just goes to show you dont need a kinect to do cool stuff!: 3D Video Capture using Microsoft Kinect. This is really cool: Cool music and a […]

Daft Punk Tron Legacy – Cosby Show Video mashup, very cool!

Very Funny Video – “Thumb Wars” – Star Wars Spoof

A very funny Star Wars parody called “Thumb Wars” Enjoy! :)  

Clever and Fun Viral Video – Who is the Hero?

This really cool video reminds me of the Xmas card Google did a couple of years ago: Fun Viral Video – Who is the Hero? Facebook Purity, cleaning up your facebook home page

DayJob Orchestra – Hilarious Redub of Star Trek TNG – Very Funny Video

The DayJob Orchestra do a hilarious redub of Star Trek TNG. Very funny and very random video – Happy in Paraguay, check it out! :) DJO have loads more great redubs in their Youtube channel

Zinc Oxide – Who knew it was so fundamentally important? (Funny Video)

This educational science video starts off quite serious but takes an unexpected turn for the hilarious! ;-)

Funny Dialogue by 2 AI chatbots – Fake Kirk vs A.L.I.C.E

An artificially intelligent chatbot version of Captain Kirk has a funny conversation with A.L.I.C.E another AI chat bot

The Peacock Spider – A Colourful Creepy Crawly

some great photos by Jurgen Otto of the Peacock Spider never seen or heard of it before, but somehow it reminds me of George Clinton i wonder who copied who, lol