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DayJob Orchestra – Hilarious Redub of Star Trek TNG – Very Funny Video

The DayJob Orchestra do a hilarious redub of Star Trek TNG. Very funny and very random video – Happy in Paraguay, check it out! :) DJO have loads more great redubs in their Youtube channel

Cyberpunk Gas Mask Sculpture

Cyberpunk Gas Mask Sculpture, photo by – steeev (c) 2009

Zinc Oxide – Who knew it was so fundamentally important? (Funny Video)

This educational science video starts off quite serious but takes an unexpected turn for the hilarious! ;-)

Funny Dialogue by 2 AI chatbots – Fake Kirk vs A.L.I.C.E

An artificially intelligent chatbot version of Captain Kirk has a funny conversation with A.L.I.C.E another AI chat bot