Facebook – Privacy – Transparency – Accountability and what they are doing with your data etc…

Europe vs Facebook website details the battle against Facebooks terrible record on Privacy, and their lack of transparency despite their insistence their users must be transparent:

How to get a copy of the data facebook has stored about you:

Even if you can no longer access your account: This was useful to me, as i wanted to access my data, but couldnt, so I requested them to send me a copy of the data, have also requested that they tell me why they disabled my account, and also requested that they re-enable it.

Gawker Story about Facebooks content moderation procedures and policies: http://gawker.com/5885714/inside-facebooks-outsourced-anti+porn-and-gore-brigade-where-camel-toes-are-more-offensive-than-crushed-heads

Allfacebook made an excellent point on Facebook’s decision to outsource their content moderation operations – “The people charged with making decisions about flagged content are underpaid subcontractors. If there were some way to do this in-house for a reasonable cost, perhaps fewer disputes would arise over content pulled erroneously.”

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