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Linkoder (QRCode) – Cool Greasemonkey Script adds Barcodes for each link on a web page

I just found a cool greasemonkey script on by a person called Vorn. The script is called Linkoder (QRCode) – it can basically add Barcodes for each link on any web page. Its really useful for mobile phone users, with barcode reader applications on their phones, such as the N95 which comes with a […]

New Greasemonkey script – Export your Picasaweb photos to Flickr

I wrote a new Greasemonkey script that lets you import your photos from your account on the picasaweb website to your Flickr account. In order to run the script, you need to be usin gthe Firefox web browser, which you can get from here: You also need to have the Greasemonkey extension installed, which […]

Nokia Internet Radio Application for the N95 – direct link

I just read about the Nokia Internet Radio application for the N95 and thought it sounded interesting, so decided to try and download it. First of all i tried visiting the nokia download page on my N95, but the download link was nowhere to be seen, the instructions on the page say you need to […]