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Ho Ho Ho Hats and Beards all year round on Flickr

During the Christmas period Flickr enable an ‘Easter Egg’ on the site, allowing people to add Father Christmas hats and beards to photos by way of leaving a note on a photo with the text “Ho ho ho hat” for a hat, or “Ho ho ho beard” for a beard. The notes are resizable which […]

Facebook style user tagging for Flickr

Theres a new way to tag your photos to indicate flickr users are appearing in them. Quite a few users have already started doing it. The way it works is to use the following “machine tag” notation, for each flickr user in the photo “flickr:userid=[flickr-userid]” (replacing [flickr-userid] with the userid of the person in the […]

Tweet this Flickr photo – using the new URL shortening service

Flickr have started their own URL shortening service, specific to their own domain. The service uses the domain name. So far I have noticed that individual photo pages each have a short URL that look like so at present you can find the short url for a photo by viewing the source code […]