Ho Ho Ho Hats and Beards all year round on Flickr

During the Christmas period Flickr enable an ‘Easter Egg’ on the site, allowing people to add Father Christmas hats and beards to photos by way of leaving a note on a photo with the text “Ho ho ho hat” for a hat, or “Ho ho ho beard” for a beard. The notes are resizable which lets you resize the image to fit the person in the picture. After the christmas period is over they switch this feature off.

I wrote a greasemonkey for firefox script that lets you re-enable the hats and beards adding/viewing functionality. Of course, the only people who will see the hats and beards will be the people with this script installed, except at Christmas, when and if Flickr re-enable the functionality across the site.

Installation Instructions

1) you need to be running firefox http://mozilla.org/firefox

2) you need to have the greasemonkey addon installed

3) install the script: flickr.ho.ho.ho.hats+beards.user.js


Once you’ve installed the script, you can check if the script is working by viewing one of the following images :
ho ho ho hat! ho ho ho beard! by heather


Spring Menu - Cow by steeev

This script and all my other greasemonkey scripts for flickr are available here: http://steeev.freehostia.com/flickr/

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