Facebook style user tagging for Flickr

Theres a new way to tag your photos to indicate flickr users are appearing in them.

Quite a few users have already started doing it. The way it works is to use the following “machine tag” notation, for each flickr user in the photo


(replacing [flickr-userid] with the userid of the person in the photo)
the userid is the thing that looks like 32463453@N00 and you can find out what a users userid is by right clicking on their buddy icon and checking the properties of the image. the userid is the bit between /buddyicons/ + .jpg in the image location.

e.g if i right click my buddy icon and check my buddy icon’s properties, the image location is farm1.static.flickr.com/7/buddyicons/36521957871@N01.jpg?1111947633#36521957871@N01

so my userid is the bit in bold i.e 36521957871@N01 now if i wanted to tag a photo of myself i would add the following tag flickr:userid=36521957871@N01 to the photo that i appear in. Or any even easier way to get a flickr user’s id is simply visit http://idgettr.com/

You can add as many user tags as there are people in the photo. of course, it sounds a bit complicated doing that for each user in the photo. luckily theres a much easier way!

Flickr User Tagging The Easy Way:
1) Get firefox if you havent already from here: mozilla.org/firefox/
2) Install the greasemonkey extension for firefox addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/748
3) Install the following greasemonkey script: flickr.users.in.photos (Script updated 13th April 2009)

The script was originally created by jacobd, though i’ve enhanced the code a great deal, adding extra functionality. The script detects these user tags, when you are viewing photos on flickr, and adds user icons, usernames and links for each tagged user in the photo, next to the photo. It also makes adding users to photos a lot easier, by providing you with a “add user to photo” link next to each photo, where you have permission to add tags. Clicking the link brings up a select box, that lets you choose flickr users from your contacts list to add to the photo.

 Tip: If you click the select box once after it has loaded then start typing the first few letters of the user you want to add’s username, the select box will immediately jump to the user you wish to add, speeding up the user adding process.

When you click the add user to photo button after selecting a user, as well as a user tag being added, a note will also be added to the photo, so you can identify which user is which in the picture. The note contains their username, a link to their photostream, and also a link to more photos of them. This is kind of similar to how user tagging is done on facebook.

The script also adds a new item to each user on Flickr’s buddy menu: “View photos of this user” which when selected does a flickr search for photos of that user.

I made an RSS feed of the flickr:userid=* tags, which you can access here: feeds.feedburner.com/FlickrUsersInPhotos
It gets updated whenever anyone adds a photo with a flickr user in it.

You can also subscribe to RSS feeds for photos of individual flickr users, simply subscribe to the Flickr generated RSS feed for the flickr:userid=whateveruserid tag


This script and all my other flickr gm scripts are available here: steeev.freehostia.com/flickr/

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