geotagging flickr with google earth script updated for new photo page

I’ve updated my geotagging flickr with google earth greasemonkey script, so it works on the new photo page. it now adds a “Add to map via G.E.” link just below the “This photo was taken on” text.

It also adds a “Add to map via Google Earth” link to the “Location” menu in the Flickr batch organiser, so you can geotag batches of images via Google Earth too.

If you already have the “Flickring Geotagger” network link setup in Google Earth, (the link should be to the server) you just need to reinstall the GM script, in order to get it working again, otherwise you will need to edit the network link to point to

More info on how to get the script working is here: Geotagging Flickr with Google Earth

geotagging flickr with google earth

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