Flickr Greasemonkey Scripts Update – Flickr PM + Multi Group Sender

I’ve updated my flickrpm gm script so it now shows up on all pages of comments for a photo and also to fix a bug in the mail sending function on photo pages,

I’ve updated my flickr multi group sender to add a function that lets you see the full list of groups which are currently selected, if you hover your mouse of the group select box, or the selected group counter below the select box

I also updated my flickr contacts organiser script, to increase the visibility of the search function, by adding an always visible search box, that lets you search your tagged group’s images.

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2 Responses to “Flickr Greasemonkey Scripts Update – Flickr PM + Multi Group Sender”

  1. Thanks muchly for your grand upates – I’ve now installed all that I use and am looking forward to flickr working *properly* again – took a few days after the new flickr pages, but it’s all good now.

    Will you be working on Shades? I can’t tolerate that white screen…

  2. i might get round to fixing shades one day, its going to be kind of fiddly and annoying to fix though, so im putting it off for the moment. it should still work for forums/groups i think, you could add an exception for photo pages, where it doesnt currently work in the greasemonkey scripts manager screen, so it wont run on photo pages.