More Updated GM Scripts – Flickr Multi Group Sender and Flickr Inline forum editor

I updated another couple of my greasemonkey scripts. This time its Flickr Multi Group Sender and Flickr Inline Forum Post Editor.

Ive made them both compatible with the “internationalised” versions of the site. Ive also added a couple of features to the multi group sender. Ive added a little group counter, that counts how many groups you have selected, it sits below the select box. Ive also limited the list of groups that you can send to, to the ones that the picture is not already in. The groups that the image is in already appear dimmed.

You can get the updated versions of the scripts from as usual, enjoy! :)  BTW dont forget if you are a keen user of my scripts, that ive put a lot of time and effort into creating and maintaining them, and i welcome donations via PayPal, if you would like to thank me for my troubles. Ive also got an amazon wishlist, if you fancy buying me something from that :)

BTW ive created a donor list page, to thank all my kind donors so far, you can view the list of lovely kind hearted people who have decided to reward me for my efforts, here.

Cheers! :)

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