Experiment: Purchase a copy of my GreaseMonkey Script: Flickr : Group Pool Admin – Warn and Delete via new payment gateway: TrialPay

Ive recently signed up for an account with TrialPay which is a new way to pay for things on the internet. A lot of online companies have started using their payment system for their products. I blogged about them recently here

group pool admin warn and delete

get it free with trialpay

As an experiment I have uploaded one of my scripts, Flickr Group Pool Admin : Warn and Delete to their secure server, and now you can purchase a copy of the script via their system by clicking here

The great thing about it is, you dont necessarily have to pay anything, in order for me to be compensated, you can just sign up to a free trial of something like video rentals, or a free trial of a website or you can even purchase something entirely unrelated that you need anyway, and get my product thrown in free. The way it works is TrialPay get a fee from their Partner for getting a new customer or making a sale, and they then pass on a cut of that money to me. I think its a great new development on the internet, and it looks like its growing in popularity. If you would like to “show me some love” but dont have any spare cash, why not try buying this script from me via the TrialPay system, that we we both benefit, and you benefit twice, its a win win squared situation :)

Who will be the first to buy my script and show me some love? Its exciting, and I hope the system takes off. Im thinking of putting all my scripts on this system, as not enough people seem to donate for free software, if I put them all on TrialPay, people could still get them for free, but I would get compensated too, for all my hard work.

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