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Facebook Purity – New Release – v2.5a – Fixed for Facebook code change

The Facebook Purity Greasemonkey Script stopped working due to a code change at Facebook. This release (v2.5a) gets it working again:

Facebook Purity – New Release : v2.5 – I’ve Added a custom text filter

Facebook Purity – New Release : v2.5 – I’ve Added a custom text filter, that lets you block posts with user specified words or phrases in them. Also made a couple of other changes : added Picasa Uploader to the default whitelist and also split the application whitelist into two variables for easier maintenance. See […]

Facebook Purity v2.4a released – Bug Fixes + Additional Optional Extras

Facebook Purity v2.4a released For full release notes visit

FBPurity script update : v2.4 released : bug fixes and new features

Ive updated the Facebook Purity GM script to v2.4 : v2.4 Changelog fixed hide suggestions box option (wasnt working on custom friends list pages) tightened up the app filtering ( some apps were getting past the app filter ) added the ability to hide the following optional “Extras” : tagged/commented/liked photo, tagged in album, commented/liked […]

Minor Update to FB Purity – fixed script to work on custom friend list feeds

I fixed the facebook purity (aka fluff busting purity) script to work on custom friend list feeds again, you can get the updated version (2.3c) of the script from the usual place : If you are still on the old fb layout, there is no need to update your script until you get the […]

Ive fixed the Facebook Purity script for fb’s new Layout

I finally had some time to fix up the script for FB’s new layout. The updated script (v2.3b) is available here: Remember to join the fb purity fan page, for the latest news and updates. If you like the script and would like to show your appreciation, and support continued development, please make […]

Facebook’s new layout, means the fbpurity script is broken, try the alpha test fbpurity script

ive been working on an alpha test version of the fbpurity script for the new facebook layout here: its not completely finished, as at present im still on the old layout, and was just testing it against some static html files, it might work and it might not, i dont have time to finish […]