Minor Update to FB Purity – fixed script to work on custom friend list feeds

I fixed the facebook purity (aka fluff busting purity) script to work on custom friend list feeds again, you can get the updated version (2.3c) of the script from the usual place : http://www.fbpurity.com

If you are still on the old fb layout, there is no need to update your script until you get the updated fb layout. If you have acccidentally installed the new version of the script, which doesnt work with the old layout, theres a link to the old version of the script here : FB Purity (aka Facebook Purity)

BTW facebook is currently displaying “No posts to display.Use the Publisher above to add your own” in the Top News + Most-Recent news feeds on peoples homepage, this is not caused by the fb purity script, it seems to be a bug on the facebook site itself.

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