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F.B. Purity v4.3.0 – Adds Delete Recent Activity Button, App + Extra Filters now work on Profile pages

3dcda62d9f724a219898c72026c29bee Ive just released and update to FB Purity (V4.3.0) New in version 4.3.0 of FB Purity: Adds “delete recent activity” button to your profile page “App + extra” filtering (and Whitelisting and Blocking) now works on profile pages Added delete friend request button. Enables full screen button for youtube videos. Moved FBP Information Bar […]

FB Purity v4.1.0 now available – BA button upgraded – App Filtering can now be turned off

I just released a new version of F.B. Purity, v4.1.0. In this version: “BA” (block application) button is now dual use, if there are multiple application messages on the screen and you click the BA button, it asks if you want to block all the applications at once. If you click ok, it blocks them […]

If you are updating from WordPress 2.9 to v3.0.4 due to the latest security advisory – you should update your Math Comment Spam Protection plugin too

I recently updated my wordpress blog to v3.0.4, due to the recent Security Advisory Notice released by, just before Xmas, and it all seemed to be go quite smoothly, it was just a case of overwriting all the old files. But just now i checked my wordpress admin page, and realised that tons of […]