FB Purity v4.1.0 now available – BA button upgraded – App Filtering can now be turned off

I just released a new version of F.B. Purity, v4.1.0.

In this version: “BA” (block application) button is now dual use, if there are multiple application messages on the screen and you click the BA button, it asks if you want to block all the applications at once. If you click ok, it blocks them all, if you click cancel, it asks if you just want to block the single application you clicked. With this feature, blocking facebook applications just got a whole lot easier! :)

Ive added an option to let you switch off the application filtering, if you would prefer to see all the application messages in your stream without having to click the “show app msgs” link, just untick the box on the FBP options screen labelled “Application Msgs” “Hide”.

Ive also updated the “hide sponsored box” option to hide more ads, and ive added a couple more applications to the default app whitelist: “Facebook mobile by Opentech ENG” and “flipboard”.

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