If you are updating from WordPress 2.9 to v3.0.4 due to the latest security advisory – you should update your Math Comment Spam Protection plugin too

I recently updated my wordpress blog to v3.0.4, due to the recent Security Advisory Notice released by WordPress.org, just before Xmas, and it all seemed to be go quite smoothly, it was just a case of overwriting all the old files.

But just now i checked my wordpress admin page, and realised that tons of spam comments had been added over the period since i had made the upgrade. Well, as i cant run the built in akismet spam filtering plugin on this server, due to certain restrictions, i instead use the excellent Math Comment Spam Protection wordpress plugin, which seems to block about 99% of the spam, but unfortunately i realised that the version i was using was incompatible with the latest 3.0 branch of the WordPress publishing platform, and was now letting through all the spam, so i went to the Math Protection plugins homepage, grabbed the latest version and updated it.

The update process was really simple, simply unzip the file, and copy the new files over the old ones, “jobs a good’un”, as they used to say. Dont forget to make a donation if you are a fan of the plugin! it certainly saves me and other wordpress admins a lot of time and effort!

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