Facebook Purity Update – fixed some bugs

new release of the facebook purity greasemonkey script, for cleaning up your facebook homepage:

1.8e  26th Oct   2009  script now hides certain apps that were getting past the filter, and should also now be restricted to running on the homepage, also the blocked app message counter should work better now.

get it here: http://www.fbpurity.com

P.S the “block app” function doesnt seem to work 100% correctly. If after using the block app function, you visit the application’s homepage, you will see that the app is blocked, as there will be a link to “Remove Block from Application”. Though the app will still show up in the news feed, im still looking into why this is happening, seems like it could be a bug in facebook to me…

*UPDATE* there was a bug in the latest version of the script that caused the script to stop working, please clear your browser cache, then reinstall for the working version.

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One Response to “Facebook Purity Update – fixed some bugs”

  1. Thanks for keeping the great script up and running!