Facebook Purity Update – Added Block Application Functionality

Previously the Facebook Purity  script would just hide the 3rd party application messages from your facebook homepage. Since reading that applications added by your friends can  access your personal information even if you havent installed the app I decided to step up the protection FB Purity provides, it now adds a “Block App” link next to the usual “Hide” link facebook provides. Clicking this link will let you permanently block the application from your homepage, block it from accessing your personal information, stop people inviting you to add the application and also disallow any messages to be sent to you via the application.

Another important bit of information i read was that there is a setting you can change in your facebook privacy page, to disallow applications that your friends have added from accessing your personal information, I recommend that you all visit that page and untick all the permissions for info you dont want random facebook application developers to know about you. You can access that page here: Facebook Applications Privacy Page

Ive also changed the way the “Show/Hide” link at the top of the page works, when you click Show now, if there are some hidden application messages, the Show link, will now temporarily hide your homepage news feed, and just show the hidden application messages, this should make it easier to see what messages have been hidden, and check if they are important or not. If you dont want to see any more messages from that application i recommend you click the “Block App” link. Of course if you prefer the messages from a specific application not to be hidden by the script, you can edit the script’s whitelist, information on how to do this is here: http://whitelist.fbpurity.com

In this release I’ve also added the Blackberry facebook application to the default whitelist.

As always you can get the updated version of the Facebook Purity script here: http://www.fbpurity.com

N.B Remember if you have edited the whitelist in your previous version of the script,  to copy the application IDs and paste them into the new version.

BTW the script hasnt been tested on Safari, as i dont have access to a Mac, so theres a slight chance this new version won’t work fully. If anyone is using the script on Safari, please let me know if it works, cheers.

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