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List of my recently updated greasemonkey scripts for Flickr

Here is a list of my recently updated greasemonkey scripts for Flickr Group Pool Admin: Warn+Delete – Updated “delete all images” function to instantly remove all the users images if you are Kicking or Banning that user at the same time. Contacts Organiser – Added support for inline video, added “Mo photos of this user” […]

New extension for Safari 5 called NinjaKit lets you install GM scripts

I just found some great news for Safari 5 users. Theres a new extension called NinjaKit by a Japanese programmer 0xFF that lets you install greasemonkey scripts. Its a much simpler process to install than Greasekit, whereas greasekit required you to also install SIMBL, this extension is self contained and PC + Mac compatible, just […]

Flickr : Multi Group Sender GM script updated to work with new flickr photo page.

I’ve updated my Multi Group Sender greasemonkey script for the Flickr’s new photo page. The new version of the script (3.42) is compatible with both old and new versions of the page. It is also compatible with Firefox, Chrome and Opera. On the new version of the photo page, the script adds a new button […]