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The Voice of the Mysterons

The Voice of the Mysterons, originally uploaded by steeev. The lights on the church danced around magically, I should have made a video of it. The building is called Christ Church, it was built by Nicholas Hawksmoor in 1729, its located in an area known as Spitalfields, which is near to Brick Lane and Liverpool […]

A little bit of fame

Just discovered i was mentioned in the Flickr Hacks Book, by Jbum. Found this out by doing a search for “steeev” on the google book search page ( That page isnt available for preview though the text extract displayed in the search results says “this is the idea behind the Flickr Visual Dictionary, a […]

The Crazy House – Near Brick Lane

The Crazy House – Near Brick Lane, originally uploaded by steeev. I was searching for Banksy’s latest (the double yellow lines daisy) and chanced upon this marvelous house sized mural. Didnt find the Banksy in the end. Will go back another day and get a picture of it. Shortly after taking this photo i got […]

London Concrete – Night Photo

London Concrete By Night, originally uploaded by steeev. One of the photos I took around the Brick Lane area of London. I love the neon colours in this photo. It was taken using the ISO 3200 setting on my Canon Ixus 900Ti camera.

My nokia 6680 message ringtone has stopped working again!

I cant believe it, the message ringtone on my nokia 6680 has stopped working again, also this time, the new message icon doesnt show up either. In order to check if i have new messages i need to open the messaging application each time. This sucks big time. I guess Im going to have to […]