My nokia 6680 message ringtone has stopped working again!

I cant believe it, the message ringtone on my nokia 6680 has stopped working again, also this time, the new message icon doesnt show up either. In order to check if i have new messages i need to open the messaging application each time. This sucks big time. I guess Im going to have to reflash it.

Has anyone out there got an idea what could be causing this problem? BTW the comments system on this blog is broken, i cant read any comments, in case anyone has tried leaving one. If you would like to contact me, please use the form at:

After I flashed the phone the first time, the voicemail number was wiped off the phone, so if i held down the ‘1’ key to dial voicemail it wouldnt work, it instead asked me to enter my voicemail number. I didnt know what it was, but a quick google search turned up the result. On the 3 Network in the UK, the voicemail number is 123 or +44 778 233 3123 in full. I also learnt a cool new trick that should work on most Nokias if not all mobile phones. If you enter the following code into your phone, as if dialling a number: *#67# then press the dial button, you will be able to view your voicemail number. I think this number is stored in the Sim card.

I also learnt that its now possible to unlock Nokia 6680s and various other models of Nokias ( 6630, 6681, 6680, N70, N71, N90, N91 ) that werent previously able to be unlocked. In order to unlock them you need the software and a DKU5 cable, I can download the software easily but I dont have the right cable, in fact Ive got two DKU2 cables. Anyway i can easily get the DKU5 from ebay, but unlocking my phone isnt a high priority right now, fixing the message tone is.

Ive even started a thread about it on the Nokia Support Forum, hopefully someone will be able to help me get it sorted.

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