Flashed and fixed my Nokia 6680 phone

Recently I had a problem with my nokia 6680 phone, the message ringtone stopped working altogether, though the calling ringtone worked fine. I decided to try and fix it by updating the firmware through the Nokia Software Updater application. Unfortunately as my phone is on the 3 Network, the latest available firmware revision that you can get is out of date. I found out on the web that there was a newer generic version of the firmware available without all the Three branding and claptrap, though its not possible to load it using the NSU.

Not that is unless you can change the product id code of the phone, which is where the Nemesis Service Suite comes in handy. This free beta version of the program lets you alter the product id code of your phone, which then means you can flash the phone with the latest available firmware.

Theres an illustrated guide to removing the branding from nokia phones via reflashing the firmware here:

Anyway the firmware upgrade went smoothly after i had altered the product code id. And after I restored the backup of my data via the Nokia Content Copier and a few reboots, the message tones started working again. Some of the annoying bugs in the phone have been fixed too, so im a happy bunny again :)

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