F.B. Purity v6.1.1 Released : Fixes various filters + other nice tweaks to make your facebook clean

FB Purity - Decrease the noise and boost the signal

I’ve updated FB Purity to v6.1.1 to fix various issues it was having. Heres the change log:

FB Purity is a free web browser extension that lets you clean the junk from your facebook homepage and newsfeeds. Its available for Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari (and is now also compatible with Seamonkey and IceApe)

Changes in FB Purity v6.1.1

  1. Fixed fan page story filter (which hides stories from the pages you have liked) + the logged in user filter (which stops your own posts getting filtered).
  2. Fixed the attending and attended an event filters.
  3. Fixed the intermittent “FB Glitch” errors that would crop up occasionally on friends list pages.
  4. Fixed the too-wide tabbed textareas on FBPs options screen (css, whitelist + custom text)
  5. Improved tabbed textareas differentiation (so user can see more easily that they are separate entitiies)
  6. Fixed the Upload photo button duplication problem.
  7. Fixed the erroneous “friend requested” buttons, which were showing up, if you clicked on a “became friends” story in the news ticker bar.
  8. Added “shared an event” to the “created event” filter
  9. Fixed the “shared a link” filter to filter out more links than before, as quite a few were getting past the filter previously.

Get the latest version of FB Purity here: http://www.fbpurity.com

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