FB Purity v4.4.0: Restores Comment Button – Fixes Facebooks silly new commenting system

FB Purity cleans up your Facebook Homepage
Facebook recently changed the way comments work on the site, now instead of having to click the “Comment” button to submit your comment, pressing “Enter” or “Return” submits the comment, whereas before pressing either of those would add a new line to your comment. I dont know the reason why they have done this, but a lot of people are not happy with this, as it breaks the convention of Textareas on the web, which always add a new line if you press Return or Enter.

Anyway I figured out a way to restore the old system, whereby you need to click the “Comment” button in order to submit your comment, and pressing return/enter will just add a new line, like it used to, and like how every other site on the web functions.

FB Purity fixes Facebook's new Commenting system

FB Purity V4.4.0 adds the old commenting functionality back by default. If you prefer the new Facebook commenting system, you can disable the old commenting system in the FB Purity Options screen, by ticking the “Hide” “Comment Button” option.

Get FB Purity v4.4.0 – It Fixes the Screwy Facebook Commenting System

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