FB Purity v4.3.1 Released : Fixed Delete Recent Activity on HTTPS pages, Fixed missing FBP info bar on profile pages + more

FB Purity - Cleans up Your Facebook Homepage

F.B. Purity is a browser extension for Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera, that cleans up Facebook, by filtering out all the application spam and other junk you dont want to see, leaving a much cleaner, and more user friendly site.

Changes in F.B. Purity 4.3.1:

  • Fixed the “Delete Recent Activity” button on the profile page to work with Facebook’s new HTTPS settting
  • Fixed the missing FBP information bar on profile pages
  • Show/Hide filters now save youtube video’s current position, so when you resume playing after showing or hiding extras/apps it should restart just where you left it
  • Hide sponsored box option now hide ads on the new photo lightbox popups
  • Application filter now catches more app messages, i noticed certain applications were getting past the application filter, so i tightened up the code to trap more of the evil beasties
  • Fixed anomalous delete button on privacy page. There was a floating delete button showing up on the Privacy page, ive fixed it.
  • Added kodak easyshare,Snaptu for Facebook and Instagram to default application whitelist.

I also noticed that FBP now works on the new style Facebook Fan Pages, which saves me having to recode it for that.

If you are a fan of FBP and appreciate all the work that goes into this, please donate, to keep the F.B. Purity project alive.

Get FB Purity v4.3.1 here

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