A little bit of fame

Just discovered i was mentioned in the Flickr Hacks Book, by Jbum. Found this out by doing a search for “steeev” on the google book search page ( http://books.google.com/books?q=steeev&btnG=Search+Books

That page isnt available for preview though the text extract displayed in the search results says “this is the idea behind the Flickr Visual Dictionary, a mobile phone application
by Flickr member Steeev

I also just checked out the subscriber stats for some of the RSS feeds i created, i found that one of my feeds has over 23,000 subscribers!!!!! i couldnt believe it myself, i guess its quite possible that its a mistake, though it would be really cool if it was true. Hmm, should do some more work on this feed :)

Of course my other claim to fame this year was winning an award at the Yahoo! Hack Day London event, I started writing a blog entry all about it, but havent finished writing the draft yet, maybe one day i will complete it.

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