Stopping the comment spam on a WordPress blog

I cleaned out all the spam that was in this blogs moderation queue, and decided to do something about preventing it.  Since my host has disabled outgoing net connections, my akismet spam protection plugin has stopped working, so the spam queue filled up a lot.

I decided to try and find a new spam prevention plugin that doesnt need to make outgoing server calls. I tried 2 plugins, both are really good, and easy to install.

First i tried “Math Comment Spam Protection” , but for some reason it wasnt working for me, i thought it might be because it was compatible with my version of wordpress. anyway i uninstalled it.

Then I tried the reCaptcha plugin, it seems to be quite popular and features on lots of high profile sites, so thought it must be pretty good.

Heres what it looks like in action>

recaptcha plugin screenshot

Its even easier to install than the math comment plugin, but alas it also didnt work for me, this time though it was due to the fact my server doesnt allow outgoing net connections, which is pretty annoying.  One good thing came out of installing it though, i noticed the options page for this plugin is separate from the plugin menu, which had been confusing me about the previous plugin.

So i reinstalled the math comment plugin, and found the options page for it, and now it looks like its working fine, so bye bye spam! h0oray! and many thanks to the plugins authors, who have done us all a huge favour! :)

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