F.B Purity lets you hide Facebook Places messages (Checked in to location)

I just released v3.3 of F.B Purity, the browser extension / GM script for Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera, that cleans up your Facebook homepage.

New in this release: a new hideable extra that allows you to hide updates from the new Facebook Places feature, i think this is currently only available in the USA, so if you are not yet seeing these updates in your news streams, theres no need for you to update your current version of the script if you already have it installed.

The new hideable extra is called “Changed location” and can be selected to be hidden by ticking the new box on the FBP options screen.

BTW its worth having a look at the new privacy settings regarding this new Facebook feature, Wired have an article about it here.

As always the latest version of the FBP script can be obtained here: F.B Purity (formerly known as Facebook Purity)

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