Ive released v3.6a of F.B Purity: lots of new hideable extras, Import/Export Settings + more

I’ve released a new version ( v3.6a ) of Fluff Busting Purity aka FB Purity The Facebook newsfeed cleaning greasemonkey script / browser extension for Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari :

I’ve added the some new hideable extras “Uploaded Photo”, “Uploaded Video”, “Tagged in Video”, “Posted Note”, “Tagged in Note” and “Posted Link”.

Also new in this version is Export and Import Settings functionality. You can access the import and export settings feature via the links at the bottom of the F.B Purity Options screen. Theres also more info on how this works in the FB Purity FAQ

I also added “Block App” and “Allow” links to the “started using app/game” type messages. I’ve also fixed the problem some people were seeing when they cleared the cookies in Firefox and lost their FBP settings. (N.B) there was a slight bug with this in v3.6, ive fixed the bug and released 3.6a, so this problem should be gone for good now.

You can get the latest version of F.B Purity (v3.6a) here: F.B Purity (formerly known as Facebook Purity)

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