FB Purity v3.9.3 released – Improves the font size option for changing the size of Facebooks text

FB Purity

Ive released v3.9.3 of F.B Purity the GM Script / Browser Extension that cleans up your Facebook Homepage / Newsfeed. Its compatible with Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera.

Changes in this version:

  • Improved the site coverage for the font size option, so more areas of Facebook willl now have their font size increased if the Font Size option is selected.
  • Added script collision detection to check if there are 2 versions of the script attemptign to run at the same time, for instance if you have installed the GM Script version and the Addon version simultaneously. If it detects this, it displays an error message.
  • Added Droid and Dell Mobile to the default application whitelist

Get the latest version of F.B. Purity (v.3.9.3) here

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