F.B Purity – Script Update v3.9.0 – Adds an option to let you increase Facebook’s font size

Facebook reduced the font size of status updates so they are now quite tiny, and much harder to read for those with poor eyesight. I added an option to my F.B. Purity script / addon for Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera that lets you increase the size of the font, to make it easier to see.

FB Purity, also has lots of other options for hiding the junk you dont want to see on your facebook homepage, such as application spam, Facebook Places checkins, who became friends with who, who likes what, etc etc, its fully customisable, to let you see just the message types you want to see. It also lets you remove the boxes from the right hand side panel, that you dont want to see.

You can get the script here: F.B. Purity – Cleans up your Facebook Homepage

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