How to Get Google Chrome working in Windows 2000

Well Google Chrome came out of beta today,  this is great news. Though as most win 2000 users will know by now, google chrome doesnt work on your operating system. But a clever Japanese guy known as BlackWingCat has created an installer program that lets you install it to your system relatively easily. Unfortunately the instructions on his website how to install it are all in japanese, luckily a guy named Tom managed to figure out how to install it and has provided the following instructions (found here):

0/ Download (latest file will always be available from here) and extract all files to a directory.1/ Run Chrome2K.exe2/ Leave settings at XP and IE63/ Click “set compatible Reg” then “Set UserAgent” … this enables the 3rdbutton “Access Chrome Web site”4/ Click on 3rd button to go to Google download site, then click Download from site5/ After Google finished downloading and installing Chrome, click “Patch to …”,then click “Install User32 …”6/ Reboot without clicking the last button “Clean up”7/ When computer is up, click Start/Programs/Google Chrome/Google ChromeAnd bingo! Great work BlackWingCat + Tom! Cheers! :D* Update 4th April 2009 * this method of getting  Chrome to work in windows 2000 is fine, but if you then try and change to the beta version, it wont work, as black wing cat, says its not supported.  I have tried it agree that its not worth the hassle. It took ages for me to get chrome working again after that…

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