Facebook Deleted The FB Purity Fan Page With Virtually No Warning

The FBPurity Fan Page had 5,042 fans at the time it was killed. I received just a couple of minutes notice as to what the actual problem was, and then the site was gone! I cannot begin to tell you how angry I am about this.

Anyway I also received an email from their lawyers, which to be honest didnt make much sense, but they basically seem to be saying i need to hand over the fbpurity.com domain or be sued for up to $100,000. I do not see how they can lay claim to the initials FB, there are millions of people in the world and millions of companys with the initals FB. They have got to be joking!

Anyway I have altered the fbpurity.com site to remove any possible shadow of a doubt that the site is in any way shape or form associated with the stupid blue and white site. And also posted notices to that effect too. Hopefully that will be enough to keep the wolves from the door. Though I have a feeling they want blood, hence the new logo.

It was quite horrible timing too as the fan page deletion came on the first birthday of the FBP script, it is now just over 1 year old. What should have been a proud moment for me, was instead a kick in the face from a giant donkey.

Anyway as well as re-doing the fb purity website, i have also re-created the FBP Fan Page, and removed any references to “Facebook Purity” which seemed to be their main issue.

You can re-join the newly created FBP Fan Page here: FB Purity Fan Page

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One Response to “Facebook Deleted The FB Purity Fan Page With Virtually No Warning”

  1. Facebook has gone from being from a place for college kids to hang out to a resource generator for fat CEOs who like watching ad revenue from application page views come in. Your app is of course a direct threat to that, for those of us who remember the old days before the garbage of applications. I use two applications and they don’t even count as Applications, merely “connectors” for my iPod and AIM-to-FB-chat.

    It’s nauseating, really. I remember I used to be able to post your website up all over the place on Facebook to recommend it to my friends but now they’ve blocked your domain as “dangerous content.” Dangerous to their profit margins, more like.

    If I had a credit card, I’d donate in a heartbeat; once I get back to America I certainly will :) Keep fighting the good fight, Steve!